Lannyte Gemstones

Buying Tips & Industry Regulations

The most important part of a jewelry purchase is the smile on the face of the recipient. In order to make sure that smile shines through it is important to make educated decisions about your purchase.

At Lannyte we are dedicated to producing the best quality gems made by man. We have researched different methods, and only use those methods that produce the best gemstones possible. The Federal Trade Commission in an effort to protect the public from deceptive trade practices issued the "Facts for Consumers" publication in 1989. It contains the following definition:

"As their names indicate, natural stones are found in nature: Synthetic stones are made in a laboratory. Except for their origin, SYNTHETICS ARE ESSENTIALLY THE SAME AS NATURAL STONES in their composition and properties, such as hardness and brilliance.

By contrast, imitation stones only resemble a natural gemstone's appearance.

Our stones are made in the finest laboratories on the planet that produce the best quality materials available.